Cannot recommend Grace & her clinic enough!! I had tried so many different things over the years to help clear my acne & redness on my skin. After seeing Grace for my initial consult, she has worked with me over the last year to help heal the inflammation and acne & the transformation so far has been incredible. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does & she really listens and understands! Absolutely look forward to my appts!!
Michelle Dinn
Michelle Dinn
Beyond frustrated with my skin, I was recommended to seek out Derme Clinic. The results have been beyond miraculous, the best it has been for over a decade. The arsenal of techniques and treatments used by Grace is beyond the standard applications you will recieve anywhere else. The indepth knowledge and professionalism implemented with each treatment has proven a strong record of results after each treatment. I cannot recommened Derme Clinic enough, any level of skincare you need, she is all you will ever need.
Julie Pirie
Julie Pirie
I have been going to Grace to get collagen needling done to my face. I'm very happy with the results and I love her products. My skin feels amazing after 2 sessions and looking forward to my next appointment.
Carla Mason
Carla Mason
Grace help my son with the acne on his back and it's helping so much.
Jasmine Garland
Jasmine Garland
I have been having Epil-Free treatments with Grace and have had great results with hair reduction. Grace is very professional and talked me through the treatment process so I felt well informed before I started. I highly recommend both the product and Derme Clinique.
Madhu Hira
Madhu Hira
Grace is very professional and experienced. I feel I am in safe hands regarding my skin issues . She listened to my concerns and got a thorough plan for me which is definitely helping me to improve my acne and pigmentation.
Katie Molyneux
Katie Molyneux
Amazing. I first started with facials and then I wanted to go ahead with micro needling. After one session I can already see results. My make up sits so nice. Grace is very welcoming and knowledgeable. She knows what is best for you. I can not wait to continue my treatments
Grace does a very good job looking after me. She does a proper consult prior to treatments and is very thorough. 10/10 would recommend!
Yuwaraj Lama
Yuwaraj Lama
Very nice and lovely service, Grace does not look from business perspective. She treats client like family friends and I admire her thrive for best outcome. I had heaps of discounts as student as well. Highly recommended.
Ferzana Khan
Ferzana Khan
I get my treatment from Grace for my pigmentation. She is very professional and honest person. I am very happy with her.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone & Texture

Uneven skin tone and texture refer to the irregular appearance of the skin’s surface and colour. Uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, manifests as dark spots or patches on the skin, making the complexion look inconsistent. Several factors can contribute to uneven skin tone and texture development, including:

  1. check-mark  Sun exposure
  2. check-mark  Ageing
  3. check-mark  Acne & scarring
  4. check-mark  Hormonal changes 
  5. check-mark  Environmental pollutants
  6. check-mark  Lifestyle factors

Benefits of Uneven Skin Tone & Texture Treatment

Treating uneven skin tone and texture can significantly enhance the skin’s appearance, making it look healthier and more vibrant.


Improved Skin Appearance

One of the most immediate benefits of treatment is a visibly improved skin appearance. Treatments can reduce dark spots and smooth out rough patches, creating a more even and radiant complexion.


Boosted Self-Confidence

With improved skin appearance comes enhanced self-confidence. Individuals often feel more comfortable and confident in their skin once they see the results of their treatment.


Healthier Skin Overall

Treatments for uneven skin tone and texture often involve nourishing and protecting the skin from further damage. This addresses current issues and promotes healthier skin in the long term.

Our Treatments for Uneven Skin Tone & Texture

Invest in your skin’s health and beauty by choosing Derme Clinique, the leading skin care clinic in Perth. Get exceptional care and achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.


Clinical Peels

Utilising medical-grade peels from Dermaceutic Laboratoire, we offer custom skin treatments that effectively address complex skin concerns. Our Clinical Peels act as an accelerated form of exfoliation, promoting removing damaged and superficial skin cells.


Clinical Facials

Our DermaFace and Clear & Brighten treatments offer targeted solutions for skin rejuvenation. Utilising a Sonic Cleansing Brush for deep cleansing and Microdermabrasion for exfoliation, these treatments effectively remove impurities and dead skin cells:



Derme Clinique’s Pro. Dermal Planning Series offers bespoke skin treatments designed for transformative results and cell optimisation, utilising medical-strength actives and pure, chiral ingredients for skin youth, health, and radiance. Our Pomegranate Enzyme Peel is perfect for sensitive skin and gently renews and boosts hydration.



Microneedling treatment is a sophisticated skin rejuvenation therapy that utilises fine, sterile needles to induce natural healing by causing minor trauma to the dermis. This process significantly boosts collagen production, which is vital for maintaining youthful, firm, and elastic skin. 


SQT Bio Microneedling

Our advanced skin treatment, Spongilla Spicules therapy, is a natural, chemical-free method that uses the power of micro-particles from freshwater sponges to stimulate the skin’s regeneration cycle without using needles or devices.


Intense Skin Workout

DermeClinique’s advanced skin treatments begin with a revolutionary cleanse using a Sonic Cleansing Brush, delivering 8,000 pulsations per minute exfoliating and refreshing the skin. Our Pre Peel Prep readies the skin for the Oxygenated Enzyme Peel, enhancing its receptivity.


IPL Therapy

Our IPL Therapy offers a versatile skin rejuvenation solution, targeting unwanted pigmentation and vascular lesions with multiple wavelengths. This advanced skin care treatment penetrates the epidermis to heat and eliminate pigment cells, effectively clearing skin pigment conditions and vein changes. Note that tanned or darker skin  may not be suitable  for IPL Therapy. This 30-minute treatment promises a clearer, more radiant complexion for both face and neck with minimal downtime.


LED Skin Light Therapy

DermeClinique’s LED Light Therapy uses MediLUX’s 5 LED wavelengths to stimulate collagen production, which is crucial for maintaining youthful, plump skin, and minimise fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing. This advanced skin care treatment addresses many skin concerns, including sun damage, stretch marks, and redness.

Derme Clinique and Uneven Skin Tone & Texture Solutions

Derme Clinique specialises in providing advanced skincare solutions, including uneven skin tone and texture treatments. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with personalised skincare regimens to help address individual concerns effectively. 

Here’s how we can help:

  • Personalised Treatment Plans: We offer assessments to help identify the best treatment options for your unique skin needs , ensuring optimal results.
  • Advanced Treatments: Utilising the latest in skin treatment technology, we provide a range of options, including chemical peels, laser therapy, and microdermabrasion, to effectively target uneven skin tone and texture.

Expert Skincare Advice: Beyond treatments, we offer expert advice on maintaining healthy skin, recommending products and routines that help prevent future issues and keep your skin looking its best.


See Results

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Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Frequently Ask Questions

How does the Uneven Skin Tone Treatment work?

Uneven skin tone treatment targets the underlying causes of discolouration, such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or scarring. Depending on the specific treatment chosen—such as chemical peels, laser therapy, or microdermabrasion—these procedures aim to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production, and promote the growth of new, healthier skin cells. This process helps to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and improve overall skin texture.

How many sessions are typically required to see results?

The number of sessions required to see visible improvements in uneven skin tone can vary based on the severity of the discolouration, the chosen treatment method, and individual skin types. Generally, multiple sessions are needed, ranging from 3 to 6 or more, spaced several weeks apart to allow the skin to heal properly between treatments.

Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?

Uneven skin tone treatments can be tailored to suit various skin types, including sensitive skin. However, certain treatments may be better suited for specific skin types. A professional consultation is essential to determine the most appropriate treatment plan that minimises risks and maximises results, ensuring the treatment’s suitability for your skin type.

How can I schedule an appointment for uneven skin tone treatment?

To schedule an appointment for uneven skin tone treatment, contact DermeClinique via the website or call for a personalised consultation to discuss your specific needs and treatment options.

Can Uneven Skin Tone Treatment address specific pigmentations like sunspots or melasma?

Yes, uneven skin tone treatments can specifically target and effectively reduce the appearance of certain types of pigmentations, such as sunspots and melasma. Treatments like laser therapy and intense pulsed light (IPL) are particularly effective in breaking down the pigment in these areas, leading to a more even skin tone. However, individual results can vary; some pigmentations may require more targeted treatments.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

While uneven skin tone treatments can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, the results may not be permanent, especially if the underlying causes, such as sun exposure or hormonal imbalances, are not addressed. Continuous skin care and preventive measures, like using sunscreen and avoiding direct sun exposure, are crucial to help maintain the results.

Are there any pre-treatment preparations I should be aware of?

Pre-treatment preparations can vary depending on the chosen treatment but generally include the following:

  • Avoiding sun exposure.
  • Avoid  certain skincare products that might irritate the skin (like retinoids or acids) a few days before the treatment.
  • Ensure the skin is clean and free from makeup on the day of the treatment.

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