IPL Skin Therapy

Derme Clinique in Perth offers a personalised approach to IPL Skin Therapy, catering to various skin concerns such as acne, scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and vascular issues. These treatments utilise the latest light technology to target and destroy problem areas without affecting surrounding healthy tissue, ensuring a non-invasive experience with no side effects​​.

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    Cannot recommend Grace & her clinic enough!! I had tried so many different things over the years to help clear my acne & redness on my skin. After seeing Grace for my initial consult, she has worked with me over the last year to help heal the inflammation and acne & the transformation so far has been incredible. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does & she really listens and understands! Absolutely look forward to my appts!!
    Michelle Dinn
    Michelle Dinn
    Beyond frustrated with my skin, I was recommended to seek out Derme Clinic. The results have been beyond miraculous, the best it has been for over a decade. The arsenal of techniques and treatments used by Grace is beyond the standard applications you will recieve anywhere else. The indepth knowledge and professionalism implemented with each treatment has proven a strong record of results after each treatment. I cannot recommened Derme Clinic enough, any level of skincare you need, she is all you will ever need.
    Julie Pirie
    Julie Pirie
    I have been going to Grace to get collagen needling done to my face. I'm very happy with the results and I love her products. My skin feels amazing after 2 sessions and looking forward to my next appointment.
    Carla Mason
    Carla Mason
    Grace help my son with the acne on his back and it's helping so much.
    Jasmine Garland
    Jasmine Garland
    I have been having Epil-Free treatments with Grace and have had great results with hair reduction. Grace is very professional and talked me through the treatment process so I felt well informed before I started. I highly recommend both the product and Derme Clinique.
    Madhu Hira
    Madhu Hira
    Grace is very professional and experienced. I feel I am in safe hands regarding my skin issues . She listened to my concerns and got a thorough plan for me which is definitely helping me to improve my acne and pigmentation.
    Katie Molyneux
    Katie Molyneux
    Amazing. I first started with facials and then I wanted to go ahead with micro needling. After one session I can already see results. My make up sits so nice. Grace is very welcoming and knowledgeable. She knows what is best for you. I can not wait to continue my treatments
    A B
    A B
    Grace does a very good job looking after me. She does a proper consult prior to treatments and is very thorough. 10/10 would recommend!
    Yuwaraj Lama
    Yuwaraj Lama
    Very nice and lovely service, Grace does not look from business perspective. She treats client like family friends and I admire her thrive for best outcome. I had heaps of discounts as student as well. Highly recommended.
    Ferzana Khan
    Ferzana Khan
    I get my treatment from Grace for my pigmentation. She is very professional and honest person. I am very happy with her.

    Benefits of IPL Skin Therapy

    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Therapy is a light-based aesthetic treatment designed to target and reduce skin irregularities, resulting in a clearer, younger, and healthier complexion. It employs multiple wavelengths of light to help address unwanted pigment conditions or vein changes, effectively heating and destroying pigmented or vascular lesions while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.


    Skin Rejuvenation

    IPL therapy enhances skin luminosity, giving a revitalised and youthful look by treating common skin conditions like pigmentation, sun damage, and broken capillaries​​.


    Non-invasive and Safe

    The treatments are non-invasive with minimal to no downtime, making it a comfortable and convenient option for skin rejuvenation​​​​.


    Personalised Treatments

    Each session is tailored to individual needs, considering the unique concerns and goals of each person , ensuring optimal results​​.

    Hollywood Laser Peel Help with Below Skin Conditions

    Invest in your skin’s health and beauty by choosing Derme Clinique, the leading skin care clinic in Perth. Get exceptional care and achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.



    Skin pigmentation disorders, influenced by melanin production, can be triggered by factors like inflammation, medication, hormonal diseases, sun exposure, and pregnancy.



    A blemish is a noticeable imperfection that develops on the skin due to acne, pollution, scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, or birthmarks.



    Ageing skin undergoes changes due to collagen loss, sun damage, glycation, and inflammation, resulting in dehydration and age spots.


    Uneven Tone & Texture

    Skin tone is influenced by melanin, while skin texture relates to the surface’s condition, with ideal skin being soft and smooth.

    IPL Skin Therapy Pricing

    Derme Clinique’s approach to IPL Skin Therapy combines advanced technology with expert knowledge, offering a safe and effective solution for those looking to rejuvenate and improve their skin’s appearance​​.

    At Derme Clinique, IPL treatments start from $75, with a range of other skin treatments available to complement the IPL therapy for enhanced results. For IPL Skin Therapy, our package is RRP $180 for face and neck. Prices may vary based on the treatment area and individual skin concerns​​.

    IPL skin

    Pre and Post-Care IPL Skin Therapy

    It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

    A personalised consultation to assess skin concerns and develop a tailored treatment plan.

    A comprehensive skin analysis to ensure suitability for IPL treatment and to customise the procedure to individual skin types and concerns.

    Everyone receiving our services  are provided with a post-treatment care plan to ensure the best results and to maintain skin health.

    Some redness and sensitivity might occur, typically subsiding within a few hours. People  can usually return to their normal activities immediately.

    It’s essential to follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by the clinic, which may include avoiding certain products or exposure to direct sunlight​​​​.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    Is IPL treatment suitable for all skin types?

    IPL treatment at Derme Clinique is tailored to accommodate a wide range of skin types; however, it’s most effective on individuals with lighter skin tones. Tanned or darker skin tones might not be ideal for receiving IPL procedures due to how the light targets pigment in the skin.

    How does IPL therapy work for pigmentation issues?

    IPL therapy at Derme Clinique utilises multiple wavelengths of light to target pigmentation issues such as sun spots, age spots, and freckles. The light energy is absorbed by the pigmented areas, converting to heat, which then destroys the pigment cells, leading to a clearer, more even-toned complexion.

    How long does an IPL skin treatment session typically last?

    An IPL skin treatment session at Derme Clinique typically lasts about 30 minutes, making it a convenient option for those seeking effective IPL skin rejuvenation in Perth without a significant time commitment.

    Is there any downtime associated with IPL therapy?

    IPL therapy at Derme Clinique is non-invasive with minimal to no downtime Some people may experience some redness and sensitivity post-treatment, but these effects usually subside within a few hours, allowing them to promptly return to their daily activities.

    How can I schedule an appointment for IPL treatment?

    To schedule an appointment for IPL treatment at Derme Clinique, you can visit our official website or contact us directly. We will guide you through the consultation process and help tailor the IPL skin therapy to your needs, ensuring you receive the best possible care and results.

    How many sessions are usually required for noticeable results?

    The number of IPL sessions required for noticeable results varies based on the individual’s skin condition and the treatment area. Generally, 3 to 6 sessions, spaced about 4 weeks apart, are recommended to achieve optimal ipl skin rejuvenation results.

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