SHR Hair Removal is the latest IPL procedure for permanent hair reduction, offered at Derme Clinique. The treatment is painless with minimal downtime. With IPL SHR, temperature gradually increases along the hair follicle so that treatment is comfortable and hassle free. To obtain the best results, a consultation and a test patch are administered first.



At Derme Clinique, we offer some of the latest, safest and painless hair care, especially the hair removal treatments. We are one of the most well reputed names when it comes to laser hair removal in Aveley Perth. We use the latest SHR IPL Hair Removal technique to provide our clients with a completely painless hair removal experience, with long lasting results and no downtime. We offer full body packages as well as facial hair removal, all depending on what you’re looking for! All our hair reduction services have no side effects and they are 100% safe for all the skin and hair types.

You can always schedule an early appointment by reaching out to us via our Instagram, through a phone call, text or even through a query on our website. Besides, we are always here for any counselling or initial consultation before your appointment. Explore our page further to find out what service suits you the most.


We use microneedling to deliver anti-aging serums under the skin with virtually no pain or downtime. We have a variety of anti-aging protein mixes which boost collagen production while targeting signs of aging, hair thinning and hair fall. By the end of the treatments, you will notice an enhanced growth of your hair follicles with that much needed strength and volume.

Depending on your scalp and hair condition, we may prescribe you the suitable route from the following treatments:

  • Microneedling & Serum Infusion – From $80/-
  • RED LED Light & Infrared Light Therapy – $60/-
  • IPL Hair Removal – From $20/-
Does microneedling work for hair loss?

Aside from collagen production in the skin, it is thought that microneedling can also help induce stem cells in the scalp that lead to hair growth. Microneedling may also promote the absorption of hair growth products, such as minoxidil (Rogaine).

What is RED LED Therapy?

In RED LED Therapy, photons are irradiated into the scalp tissues. To stimulate hair growth, these photons are absorbed by weak cells. The procedure is widely recognised as being safe, tolerable, and less invasive than a typical hair transplant surgery.

What are some of the effects of microneedling?

Just a few sessions of microneedling will noticeably reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, and deep wrinkles on the forehead. For most wrinkles or stretch marks on the body, depending on the severity, you may need 4 to 8 microneedling treatments to achieve optimal skin-tightening results.

Does serum help with hair growth?

There is no way to grow more hair with a serum. However, it may encourage hair follicles to grow thicker and shinier hair. As a result, the hairline may look broader and fuller, giving more volume to the hair.

How long is the downtime?

There is a down time of 48 hours. If your skin is sensitive you can apply hydrocortisone cream, aloe, and take Advil to ease any discomfort, after the treatment.


supreme8 dj
supreme8 dj
Highly recommend medical grade micro needling with Grace, after 5 sessions the results are visible, I now have a much even skin tone, fine lines reduced. I look forward to each visit to see how much more of an improvement I can get. Grace spends a lot of time explaining products to use to help with at home care for your skin. Nicola
Nicola Blackborrow
Nicola Blackborrow
Grace is a lovely friendly person who delivers very professional and informative advice on a range of skincare treatments which are completed with care to a high standard. The clinic is very clean and inviting. Highly recommend.
aurelia cranston
aurelia cranston
I’ve spoke to Grace about the pigmentation on my face and she recommended a treatment combination of dermal therapies & Medical grade cosmeceuticals. I started my treatment and it has really improved my skin I could see the difference straight away. My skin seems amazing am very pleased with the results. I love it and I highly recommend it. Grace is very honest and trustworthy her clinic is spotless, clean and it has a relaxing ambience with a floral fragrance. Hygiene in the clinic is at highest level
Sangeetha Durgam
Sangeetha Durgam
Highly recommended Derme Clinique for all your skincare needs. Grace is passionate about what she does and goes a step further to offer her clients a customised service. I went to her for IPL for facial hair but have stayed for more skincare treatments and my skin has not looked better than this before. She has even treated my daughter for her acne and has done a wonderful job. Thanks ti her my daughter's acne is reduced and her smile and confidence have grown.
Tania Smith
Tania Smith
Skin Needling/Led Therapy. I look forward to my treatments with Grace, her clinic is a little sanctuary, Grace provides a professional, friendly manner and beautiful smile as soon as you walk through her door, providing thorough information and explaining in detail the treatment you may be interested in, she offers good knowledge on the products she is using and also any after/home care treatments. (Biopelle & Dermaceutic and the good old QV) My personal journey with this treatment has been pleasing, I've had 4 treatments over 4-5 months to sort some issues out to my face; redness, broken capillaries, pigmentation, scarring etc..and after each session the results improve each and every time. Everything is starting to diminish, some even have completely disappeared. My skin feels so smooth, and Im so pleased with my results. Thank you Grace!.
Zaynab Obid
Zaynab Obid
Can’t begin to describe how much I love this place. I came for the treatments and stayed for Grace who was one of the most honest and detail oriented workers I’ve come across. The space was clean and professional and I saw instant results with my IPL treatments. I highly recommend Derme Clinique to anyone interested in high quality work. *** 3 month update following treatment*** I started micro needling and Light therapy at Derme Clinique and the results were amazing! My acne has gone by 98% and my redness has been reduced by atleast 50%.
Trust In thee
Trust In thee
I got treated for pain relief for my foot. excellent service. Clean and tidy clinic very professional,helped with the pain so much. Highly recommended
Annamarie hews
Annamarie hews
Grace explained everything to me, a couple of times and she's really patient. It's not difficult to follow but I just wanted to do it properly to give me the best results. It's not an instant result either and I will need more but certainly smoother. I had 3 days of quite red skin but definitely not unpleasant if kept well moisturised. I've got more to do to see the change in overall pigmentation and its definitely making me more conscious of the sun. The room is very professional as is Grace who is lovely to speak to.
Beverly Ballantyne
Beverly Ballantyne
I was nervous in the beginning, but Maria soon put my mind at ease with her keen eye to detail, knowledge about the treatment and her professionalism. Highly recommend Derme Clinique for skin and beauty treatments.
Manpreet Manes
Manpreet Manes
Grace is very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. She was very accommodating with my little one. Her services are affordable with various flexible payment options. Highly recommend, Grace.
How is SHR IPL Hair Reduction different?

SHR technology is a breakthrough innovation in IPL treatments. The difference between IPL SHR and other IPL machines is that SHR scans the treatment area with up to 10 flashes per second. This gradually heats the targeted area for painless hair reduction, instead of high intensity shots that can cause discomfort, experienced with traditional IPL.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on your individual hair type. Most clients require 8-10 sessions to achieve optimum results. For some clients, follow-up sessions may be required to achieve lifetime smooth skin. This depends on a range of factors, which your clinician discusses with you during the consultation.

How long do I have to wait between treatments?

The treatments are conducted at regular intervals. They vary depending on the area being treated. For example, the face may be treated every 2-4 weeks, while the chest, back, and legs may be treated every 8 weeks.

What results can I expect after my SHR IPL sessions?

Facial hair will take 7-10 days to fall out while body hair may take 2-3 weeks. People experience different results due to their unique skin type, hair density, and natural growth cycle. During your consultation, your clinician will be able to tell you more about what you can expect based on your dermal and hair condition.

Are the results long lasting?

Most clients enjoy long-lasting results following their IPL skin rejuvenation program. If necessary, maintenance treatments can also be performed to maintain optimal skin health and clarity.


Have a painless hair removal experience at Derme Clinique with minimal downtime, with SHR Hair Removal, the latest IPL permanent hair reduction treatment. 

With IPL SHR, the temperature gradually increases along the hair follicle so that treatment is comfortable and hassle free. The treatment begins with a consultation and IPL SHR test patch to get the best results, with no side effects. 

We have a range of packages for you to choose from, depending upon your requirements, skin type and body hair. 

  •     IPL Hair Reduction - Face  - IPL Hair Reduction 
  •     IPL Hair Reduction - Half Face
  •     IPL SHR Hair Reduction-Face Package 
  •     IPL Hair Reduction - Face & Neck


Besides offering different treatments, we also educate and guide our clients about ways they can take good care of their skin in the long run. Each person has a unique skin type. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or general skin care. We are here to assist you any day!

Are you offering any discounts?

Yes we have! We are currently offering amazing discounts on a number of our treatments as part of our Winter Offer. For more information, you can book an appointment or send us a message.

What types of skincare treatments do you offer?

We treat all skin types according to the needs and goals of each client. We combine personalised dermal therapies with high-quality skincare, with primary focus on dealing with the causes, resurfacing the skin, and getting the clients’ skin texture smooth, and even-toned having a natural healthy glow.

Do you offer consultation sessions as well?

You can always book a complimentary consultation session with our certified experts before your treatment even starts. We are dedicated to helping you maintain healthy skin by providing personalised skin treatments, home care advice, and preventative skin care tips.

What is the best facial for me?

It varies depending  on your skin type. A complimentary skin care consultation is conducted prior to every facial appointment, to analyse your current skin health, diet and activity level. Our skin therapists then customise your facial accordingly and also educate you about the general skin care you can do at home.

What are Dermal Therapies?

Dermal Therapies are non-surgical treatments that assist with acute and chronic skin conditions. They include a range of laser and light based treatments, resurfacing procedures, skin needling, and lymphatic procedures.


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